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Take some time off to recharge the battery and aim higher.

If you are looking for something different, pushing your limits with your colleagues and customers, and create a new atmosphere in your company, Altitude Training has what you need. We know that life can be stressful, and the lack of motivation could be an issue in a world where everything is moving so fast, and where you have to be on it every seconds.


But sometimes, it feels nice to disconnect, for the time of a weekend or a week, to explore the nature on the bike and recharge the battery.


That little step backward will help you to take a bigger step forward !

At Altitude Training, we truly believe that this little break will pay off in the near future. Join us with your colleagues, business partners or customers for what will be a memorable shared experience that would bond the group and create a stronger connection than ever before.

Make your perfect trip happened with Altitude Training !

Make your successful tour with all the ingredients Altitude Training can provide :

Single base or point to point tour
Single or multi-days 

Road, gravel or MTB tour. Electric welcome

Support vehicule with mechanic

Mechanical support throughout the tour

Airport transfers

Group and luggages transportation

Rental bikes

GPX files for bike computer

All type of accommodations : basic or luxury, private villa, ...

feed stations with premium energy foods & drinks

Daily massage

Professional guide or self-guided

Custom kits for your event

Guest (ex)-professional cyclist or racing driver

Barista workshop

Anywhere on Earth

How long do you want your tour to be ?
Select the services that you would want to add to your tour.
Select the numbers of person that will attend the tour.

We will get in touch with you very soon !