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6torcoaching (Owner and Lead Coach)

“What you do with your Power is more important than Power itself “

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a connection with cycling. It all started when I was just a kid exploring my freedom in my Peugeot Cruiser around my small village in Portugal. Later on after finishing my military NATO Special Forces assignment, I had obtained some race results in road, cyclocross and triathlons in US and Europe. I guess I never looked back and I am still making this sport part of my daily life passion as a coach and master athlete.

The Methodology Grid…

I was/am not physiologically gifted; therefore, I had/have to rely on being resourceful and truly deep dive into other key areas of the sport of cycling to master significant gains and a complete dominance of the sport of cycling. This new methodology-grid connects Performance (the training zones), Execution (the proper application of the zones), Focus (the mindset behind each zone), and Fueling (the proper nutrition composition, purpose and timing) to take athletes to the highest level of this sport in which “power” is merely a key component of a bigger spectrum.


Experience & Results

As a Coach;

CEFA - Physical Trainer Certified

USCA - Level 2 Cpack

1 Colavita Cycling Team USA National Road Championship

17 Colavita Cycling State Road, Cyclocross and track Championship

1 Portugal National Championship MTB

Some Results as an Athlete;

1st Florida Gran Fondo

2nd Florida Gran Fondo TT

2nd Illinois State Cyclocross Championship

3 x Florida Stata Cyclocross Masters Champion (45+, 50+, 55+)

Various podiums in Road races, Crits and Gravel races.


English, Portuguese, Spanish, French

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