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Triathlete and owner of RMT Coaching

Some words about myself :

Daily triathlete and entrepreneur since several years now, i made my first steps in sports performance with cycling at younger age. An road accident in training, bring me to test other sports like swimming and running to avoid dangerous roads and then tri-training habits came to me. After ten years of experience in endurance sports and competition practice, it was time for me to share and teach the goods and bads i learned in sports performance.

In a complex sport like triathlon, i like to work with my athletes by using field experience instead of focusing too much on theory and analytics. For sure, i use it but quality and human approach are my biggest pillars.

Experience :

- National and internationals races and marathons in MTB

- Junior road cycling classes on national races

- Podiums and victories on national running races

- Podiums and 2 victories in short distance triathlon in Belgium and France

- Top 5 AG on half ironman distance

- Qualification for Worlds Championships 70.3 Ironman

We can speak in : French, English, Spanish

Based in : Belgium

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    This guy makes you suffer like never, but you love him as much as you hate him.

Rodrigue Montulet

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