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Our official coaching partner

Cycling is a sport where training and time managing are playing a big role. Some of our tours can be challenging, so this is why we've partnered with Spokes.


Whether you’re just starting out, a keen cyclist or triathlete, or even a seasoned pro, Spokes has a team of specialist coaches to meet all your training needs, and to help you squeeze as much enjoyment as possible at any of our tours.

Training Plans

The Spokes Training Plans are designed as an introduction to coaching for cyclists and triathletes that are keen to develop their cycling abilities and performance.


The Spokes Coach will provide consultancy time with the customer to personalise the Training Plan to suit their time availability, monitoring method, and other personal factors.

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Performance Coaching Programmes


Spokes Performance Coaching Programmes have two levels of coaching support – Premium and Elite. Both programmes provide a comprehensive package of training input and dynamic updating of coaching plans over 3, 6 or 12 month periods.


The Elite Programme has unlimited coaching support with specialist advice from the Spokes Expert Team including a DNA Analysis, nutrition consultancy + plans and an introductory mental fitness programme.



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Expert Programmes

Spokes Expert Programmes are provided by our Coaching Specialists and Advisors who work with professional racing teams and athletes.


Currently these programmes consist of a DNA Analysis + Results Consultancy, Nutritional Consultancy and a Mental Fitness Programme.



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Exclusive Discount


Up until the 31st July you can receive 30% off the 10, 14 and 20 Week Training Plans by using the following code:


As an Altitude Training customer you can also receive 20% off other Spokes Coaching products including:

 The Premium Performance Coaching Programme
 The Elite Performance Coaching programme
 The Nutrition Programme
 The Mental Fitness Programme


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Free Consultancy

If you are unsure which coaching package best meets your needs and aspirations then complete our registry form to book a FREE consultancy with one of our Spokes Coaches.